in a dilemma

In all my high school years I have never had a boyfriend and in six months I am going to college and instead of thinking about my exams and preparations i can only think that i have never had a boyfriend and I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or what, but hell I haven’t even kissed a guy and my best friend she has had so many boyfriends that I haven’t lost count and now i am worried that I will be the only girl in college who has never kissed a boy or had a boyfriend for that matter. I know this is silly and i don’t talk like this ever. But when i started writing i was not going to rant because i hate people who tell the world how they are feeling but my friend encouraged me and told me to just try it and now i am writing this and i don’t even know what i am talking about . I am just going to click publish before I lose the courage to do so. 

what was I thinking nobody is going to read this. I am so stupid.

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